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"Bob Marley tribute"

Category: Mural
Location: Porto, Portugal

He is one of my favourite artists.Even though he is gone, his legacy is alive and keeps on giving trought his spirit.His message to the world is ageless and that is why we should listen, not with our heads but with our hearts.
MrKas was born and raised in Porto (Portugal) and now lives and works in Brussels (Belgium). His passion of art began at a young age. His father also painter was a major part of his childhood and had big influence on him. He started painting graffiti lettering in the streets of Porto in 1999. He has contributed to the scene trough countless street art murals and exhibitions. His work can be seen in countries such as China , Malaysia, UAE, Indonesia, Italy, Greece, Malta, France, Netherland, Finland, Portugal, Ireland etc.) Recently MrKas has been exploring the use of puzzle patterns giving a 3D effect to his works. Gone are the tagging days of old and now his works tend to be elaborate as his style has evolved to include photorealism.

Country: Portugal


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Number of rounds

  • Jury from 29-09-2020 15:21 till 30-11-2020 23:59
  • Jury from 31-10-2020 10:32 till 15-12-2020 16:00
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